The ABA Mission

The Academy of Business Administration (ABA) is an international organization of university and college professors. The purpose of the ABA is to provide opportunities for and to encourage the exchange of ideas and research between and among its members as well as to provide forums for the dissemination of research to its members and other constituencies. The ABA also seeks to encourage and facilitate high quality teaching in the field of business and public/non-profit administration and related disciplines.

To facilitate the achievement of these objectives the ABA holds conferences twice a year and publishes a readings book comprised of papers presented at each conference. The ABA held its first conference in 1992.  In 1994, the International Conference, held annually in August, and the Global Trends Conference, held annually in December were begun. From 1994 until 2007, we have held three conferences each year. Since 2008, we now hold two conferences per year, The International Conference in August and the Global Trends Conference in December. 




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Manuscript guidelines for submission of papers for the ABA conference Readings Books

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